Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movies #? - Get Low

The movies I like best are the ones that I can relate too.  For example, I have a thing for "A Christmas Carol", especially as I quickly approach old-geezer-hood.  I freely admit there are things that I hate about "A Christmas Carol", but mostly I like the story about the bitter old man.  I relate.

It is nice that there are movies about such from time to time.  And such good stories too.  "Get Low" is a new favorite.  It does not hurt that I find peace in the solid country simplicity of the characters, and that the lead guy is Robert Duvall.  What is it about that drawl that makes such a good story teller?  He reminds me of my dad as well.

This is a story about mistakes and regrets, and finding a way to forgive self.  It is a story about a man that does not want forgiveness.  He wants to go on hating himself for what he has done.  He never wants to stop hating himself.

I find that odd.  Forgiving something in the past seems pretty easy.  What is hard to forgive is a character that hasn't changed.  What would one do if they hated who they were?  Good story, amazing - AMAZING cast, great photography, well done.  I can't say enough.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Movies #? - My Best Friend

I'm getting better with the sub-titles. One of my greatest difficulties in watching movie is the scheduled "conflict". I wait for it to happen and wonder if it will be something I can stand.

I put myself right in the movie... and given that I'm pretty much a hermit, this movie hit somewhat close to home. At one point it was too ridiculous to "relate", but then I was thinking... I've been an idiot at times in my life (more than I'll admit). I was then "back" in the movie sweating over the conflict.

But it turned out to be a favorite film of all times. It has been a while since I've added anything to the list. Maybe I'm more particular, or maybe I just don't see enough good movies.

THIS is a must see... at least for anyone remotely like me.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Movies - #? Extraordinary Measures

Oh... thankful for "guilt free" holidays when I can bury myself in a warm blanket and enjoy a movie from start to finish. I did not expect to like this movie, but I did. Brandon Fraser seemed poorly cast as a "high pressure" sales guy, but otherwise he was believable - even pleasant to watch. He's a friendly doof.

Harrison Ford is an amazing actor; it helps that he is well cast in his parts. He is nice to watch as well. While I'm confident that the view of drug companies was poorly developed, the movie does make someone start to think.

Likewise, this was another movie about "hope". I'm so damn sick of dreadful endings that it is nice when the story demonstrates some sort of success in the face of a hard life. THANK GOD! Sometimes Hollywood does try to let the viewer feel good in the end.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Movies - #? Defiance

I'll spoil it for you now... it works out in the end. It seems like the quest for "reality" has it so that hope is eliminated in our lives. But sometimes, things do work out. One just has to deal with the difficulty and wait.. Highly recommended.

Daniel Craig & Liev Schreiber were outstanding; as well as the two that played the other two brothers. Oh... what a relief to feel like sometimes things can work out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Movies - #? Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas)

I am not sure what to say. Maybe I'm just tired and thereby emotionally whipped into feeling attached to this movie. I hate - hate war movies. I'll watch from time to time only to be reminded of the worst of human behavior - or so it seems in contemplation.

And then I am left utterly confused when all my doubts are opened like a bloody wound. At one moment I am confused by life and what God is trying to teach; and the very next moment assured that it is the first and great, and second like unto it. I wonder how it is possible that we could learn - I feel like we, me... all of us are almost too stupid to see and to hear.

Yet the blind shall see and the deaf shall hear.